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Entry #1

I'm back, Newgrounds.

2017-07-01 15:15:16 by mynameisarkai

What's up guys? Arkoo's here (ignore my nickname).

I decided I would come back to Newgrounds' community, although I don't promise that I will be here all the time. Two years ago, I published here my two works: Moonstone and Tesseract. I know, you can already say that one of them looked like a fresh shit. But I don't want to talk about it with you.

At the same time, I registered to Instagram (Click here to go to my account) and started to adding some photos with my drawings. Since I am now on NG and I write this post, I throught to myself: Arkoo, why don't you even praise of your masterpieces, even on this site?

So I can honestly say in myself: Good idea! Coming soon on my new Newgrounds account, I'll to share with you to my drawings and it won't be the same as those published previously, I promise. I'll inform you about my new profile in the next post here.

That's all I wanted to say. So I encourage you to visit my Instagram account (link provided above), I'll be very grateful.

Thanks for reading this post and see you later!




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